Parelli Professional ***** Senior Instructor + Certified Young Horse Trainer


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Parelli Professional ***** Senior Instructor + Master Horse Development Specialist.

We fulfilled our childhood dream by moving to a place of our own in Les Bois, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, in summer of 2012. The property, 38ha of pastures and forest, has been organized and developed with Savvy and according to the principles of Natural Horsemanship. We mainly focus on the growth, education and development of young horses, built on the philosophy of Pat Parelli concerning the importance of the “precious 1000 first days in the life of a horse”. The foals attend the “kindergarten for horses”: they learn the 7 Games as well as the most important skills in daily life, as for example trailer loading, washing, hoof caring, etc. If wished by the owner, the colts can also be started according to our principles. 

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The foal pasture offers place for up to 40 foals and colts. 

I am teaching all over Switzerland and in European countries. Upon request I am available for private lessons and intensive weeks. I am looking forward to your requests.

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